#22 - 27 Years

Created by Cassie Pierce on Short Stack Eatery building.
#21 - Untitled |Woman Fist|#23 - Lady Justice

27 Years

Artist: Cassie Pierce

LOCATION: Short Stack Eatery building.


Artist’s statement:
“She was executed by police. Her crime: sleeping while Black. Sentenced with the death penalty in her own home. She was not given a last meal, and she was not afforded the luxury of saying goodbye to loved ones. Instead, she was shot 8 times and died in her bedroom on March 13th, 2020. Breonna’s should have been 27 this June. … And so, to honor her memory and to push for a necessary change, I created two pieces. One that reflects Breonna’s story and the another that encourages us to be strong together. ”


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