About Madison Murals

The success and the impact of the Madison Murals 2020 project is overwhelming and humbling.  Reflecting on the project, I must now extend my gratitude to the friends, neighbors, and supporters who were directly and indirectly involved.

I thank City of Madison Arts Administrator, Karin Wolf, who had the vision to provide space for artists (particularly artist of color) after State Street windows were boarded. I thank Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway provided the resources and materials to support the murals that quickly covered the boards.

I extend my thanks and admiration to all of the artist and muralists whose works continue to inspire, displayed on the website. Their vision and willingness to share their art with the larger community is to be commended. Their works sparked community discussions, school assignments, and community investment in racial equality and hopefully strengthens momentum for long-term social change in our country.

I thank the board members and the Diversity Initiative Committee of the Overture Center for the Arts for provided funding for UMOJA Magazine, which published a special issue commemorating the murals. I especially thank Betty Custer Harris, Board Chair of Overture, who led the fundraising effort to preserve the memories of last summer.

I thank Dr. Ruben Anthony, Ed Lee, and Yvette Craig of UMOJA Magazine and the Urban League of Greater Madison for their willingness to take on this additional project as they were already busy with the important work of their ‘back to school’ issue. They have also graciously agreed to continue sharing images of the murals on their website.

I thank photographers Hedi Rudd, Amadou Kromah, and Martin Jenich, who provided most of the mural photographs for the magazine and website. Their willingness to spend the time and energy capturing the moment of the movement benefits so many.

I thank Madison School teachers Charlotte Cummins and Naomi Smith, who shared their thoughts and created some of the initial lesson plans that sparked this initiative. I thank Samantha Becker Crownover for her insights and words of wisdom.

I thank Dr. Edith Beltran, PhD., who did the heavy lifting of creating several dozen lesson plans and study guides to help parents and teachers facilitate students’ deeper exploration of these subjects.

I thank Theran, of Theran Creative, who created the website and was patient with me throughout the process.

I deeply thank the generous donors who provided financial support for the Madison Murals 2020 Study Guide, and remind all of us that we are one community, strongest when we uplift eachother. Thank you Diedre Wilson Garton. Thank you, Carrie Sanders. Thank you, Sigrid Schoepel  and Patrick Spoden. Thank you, Catherine Zdeblick.

Finally, I thank the Board of Directors and staff at Omega School for allowing me the freedom and space to take on community projects like this. Their support and encouragement is critical to my success. 


Source: Let’ Talk About It. The art, the artists, and the racial justice movement on Madison’s State Street. American Family Mutual Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2020.