#10 - Black Man's Plight

Created by FaLeShuh Walker & RR Moore on the Overture Center for the Arts.
#9 - Stolen#11 - Untitled |Beauty Within Color|

Black Man’s Plight

Artists: FaLeShuh Walker & RR Moore

LOCATION: Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin.
PHOTO: Martin Jenich

Artists’ statement:
We are poets as well as a visual artist. We were already trying to find a way to powerfully express a day in the life of a Black man. RR wrote and read the poem while Faleshuh created the visuals. We wanted people to feel where we were coming from. This piece is different from the other pieces. Sometimes we need to stop, and read, and feel what we read. We watched people stop by and grab their chest as they took it in. ​That is the reaction we were looking for. We wanted people to stand here in an intimate space with work, and feel what comes to them.


Read the mural and the artist statement. Do you think the artists accomplish what they wanted with their mural?