#34 - BLM Youth Hearts

Created by 135 Black and Brown Youth directed by SJ Hemmerich on Graft restaurant building.
#33 - Untitled |Black Girl|#35 - Untitled |Sankofa|

BLM Youth Hearts

Artists: 135 Black and Brown Youth directed by SJ Hemmerich

LOCATION: Graft restaurant building.


Artists’ Statement:
“I am an art teacher at Randall Elementary School in MMSD. I wanted to uplift and celebrate our Black and Brown youth voices at this important time and allow our other students and families to be supportive allies. … The larger mural at Graft Restaurant was designed by one of my 3rd grade students, Ali B. Our final murals combined were painted by at least 135 Black and Brown youth artists from 21 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 5 high schools in MMSD as well as at least 10 surrounding schools/districts, several other states, and Senegal.”


Dane County is the highest in racial disparities across sectors. That means African Americans, Hispanics and Asians rate lower in health, economic status, housing, education and child welfare than the rest of the nation. Learn more on how to help on this https://racetoequity.net/