#40 - Bob Marley

Created by Ryan Hartman & Jay Ramirez on Cold Stone Creamery building.
#39 - Untitled |Cats|#41 - Untitled |Fist|

Bob Marley

Artists: Ryan Hartman & Jay Ramirez

LOCATION: Cold Stone Creamery


Artists’ Statement:
The inspiration behind it was that his music is very powerful, very moving and seemed very fitting to the situation. I picked lyrics from probably 10 or 12 different songs that he wrote. And, I wanted people to see that by putting the lyrics around his head as the dreadlocks and his hair… I wanted to promote peace and unity and beyond and the need for that to happen with our community. -Ryan Hartman


Learn more about Bob Marley. Visit his webpage https://www.bobmarley.com/