#31 - Re|Present|ation

Created by Brooklyn Denae Doby, Ciara Nash and Synovia Knox on Campus Ink.
#30 - Untitled |Why|#32 - Untitled |Protect|


Artists: Brooklyn Denae Doby, Ciara Nash and Synovia Knox

LOCATION: Campus Ink


Artists’ Statement:
“I wanted to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement but wasn’t able to be on the front lines. In trying times like this it is difficult for me to put words to my emotions. As an art therapy graduate, I thought that protesting through paint was where I saw myself fitting in. My collaborators and I wanted to create a piece showing what we were feeling in our hearts and inspiring. We combined all of our artistic styles together to show three silhouettes, each figure depicts a different forms of protest. One is photo-documenting, another wears a Black Lives Matter t-shirt with the words, “Say Their Names”, and one holds up a fist to represent physically protesting.” -Brooklyn Doby


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