#9 - Stolen

Created by Shiloah Symone Coley on the Overture Center for the Arts.
#8 - Untitled |#Defending Blackgirlhood|#10 - Black Man's Plight


Artist: Shiloah Symone Coley

LOCATION: Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin.
PHOTO: Martin Jenich

Artist’s statement:
“I’ve always been fascinated with people’s stories. Historically, heroic efforts have been made to create positive representations of Black bodies to counteract the surplus of harmful images that once circulated. But there is still more to the nuanced Black experience and a more complex story yet to be told and shared that dives beyond straightforward representation, and into the Black psyche. ​Delving into the Black psyche has long been ignored in art for fear of representing Black people poorly.”

Artist full interview.


Children have also been killed by police. This mural focuses on the mothers’ pain and love of their children.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why is the mural titled “Stolen”?
  • Who or what is stolen? From whom? By whom?
  • What are the consequences?