#7 - The Lion of Juddah is Rising

Created by Philip Salamone and DarRen Morriswith assistance from Palma Maya-Johnson, on Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.
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The Lion of Juddah is Rising

Artists: Philip Salamone and DarRen Morris, with assistance from Palma Maya-Johnson

LOCATION: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison, Wisconsin.
PHOTO: Martin Jenich

Artists’ statement:
I chose to use this as an opportunity to share the work of a friend of mine, DarRen Morris, who is an artist and inmate up in Green Bay who was sentenced to life in prison at age 17.

I also aimed to address some of the shameful, racist policies and implementation of them that exist in Wisconsin’s criminal justice system. This painting is a recreation of an original painting by DarRen titled, “The Lion of Judah is Rising.”

In his words, “This piece is about surrender and acceptance. It was painted around the time my granny died. It was calling people to look into my eyes. Processing my grief, I had said my Rasta prayers and I let Jah spirit rise and take me from  my darkness.”


Look up the population vs. incarceration rates in Madison, WI. Check out the Prison Policy Initiative.

Answer: How does the USA compare in incarceration rates with the rest of the world? You can start here.