#24 - Tony Robinson

Created by Amira Caire, Danielle Mielke & Alana Caire on the University Book Store.
#23 - Lady Justice#25 - Untitled |Waves|

Tony Robinson

Artists: Amira Caire, Danielle Mielke & Alana Caire

LOCATION: University Book Store.


Artists’ Statement:
In 2015, Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., an unarmed Black man, was shot and killed by a Madison police officer. His murderer, still employed, has yet to face consequence for his actions.

Tony once said, “Do you ever have the feeling that you’re going to live forever? Just watch, I’m going to change the world.” Unbeknownst to him, he did. This portrait of Tony Robinson is intended to serve as a reminder. A reminder to Madison that justice has yet to be served. A reminder to the world that Black youth and Black lives are not disposable. That, unlike many others, this movement lacks an expiration date.” Danielle Mielke

(Source: Let’ Talk About It. The art, the artists, and the racial justice movement on Madison’s State Street. American Family Mutual Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2020. Page 242)


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