#51 - Untitled

Created by Rodney Lambright II on Tobacco Mart building.
#50 - Black Is Beautiful#52 - Our Street


Artist: Rodney Lambright II

LOCATION: Tobacco Mart

Artist’s Statement:
In the creation of my mural, I wanted to focus on crafting a bold design that could help ingrain the memory of George Floyd in the minds of the people. He unfortunately has been added to the long list of Black men, women, and children who have lost their lives to police brutality. My intention with this piece was to memorialize George Floyd and to also recognize that the importance of Black lives isn’t a subject of debate and shouldn’t be called into question. I want this piece to contribute to the rehumanizing of Black people and to continue the conversation of holding officers accountable for their actions by reevaluating the systems in place that enable these unjust killings.

(Source: Let’ Talk About It. The art, the artists, and the racial justice movement on Madison’s State Street. American Family Mutual Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2020. Page 14)


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