#8 - Untitled

Created by Lilada Gee & Cassy Marzette on the Overture Center for the Arts.
#7 - The Lion of Juddah is Rising#9 - Stolen


Artists: Lilada Gee Cassy Marzette

LOCATION: Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin.
PHOTO: Martin Jenich

Artists’ statement:

“This is art activism. For someone who grew up in Madison, this is the blackest I’ve ever seen State Street. To be able to create these images is every thing. You won’t miss the message.” – Lilada Gee

“Some people won’t stop to hear what others have to say or watch what they are doing. But, they are flocking here to see this. at some point, we’re hoping the message will sink into their spirit.” – Lilada Gee



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