#36 - Untitled

Created by Tony Catteruccia & Lincoln Rust on 30 On the Square.
#35 - Untitled |Sankofa|#37 - Still I Rise


Artists: Tony Catteruccia & Lincoln Rust

LOCATION: 30 On the Square


Artists’ Statement:
I pictured Malcom X as a powerful portrayal of someone who said this wouldn’t change. He had an angrier and more intense approach to Black racism. His death was a result of his words and anger within his own community. Outwardly, he remains an icon within the Black community. We included the words, “Unite the Power,” as in all colors need to be in power, no just one over the other. -Tony Catteruccia

The piece represents the struggle we as Black people have been through and are still going through. Showing George Floyd, the beginning of a new revolution and –on the other side—one of the grandfathers of the original revolution, Malcolm X. I was honored to be able to show the current state of the world through my art. Every piece is a protest, and I’m honored to be able to speak out through the art for all of my people who have suffered at the hands of the police and are still suffering. We need to be heard, and I feel like I was given an amazing opportunity to do it. -Lincoln Rust

(Source: Let’ Talk About It. The art, the artists, and the racial justice movement on Madison’s State Street. American Family Mutual Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2020. Page 6)


Visit the Malcolm X website and choose a quote by him. To what extent do you agree or not with the quote?