#46 - Untitled

Created by Sirena Flores
#45 - Untitled |Flowers|#47 - Echo


Artist: Sirena Flores

Artist’s Statement:
“Being black, is more than the color of my skin. So when we don’t get proper treatment at the doctor’s, or when we don’t get proper nourishment for our body, we feel that in our body. So the fact that my body exists, and is living, and is breathing, and I’m trying to keep my body strong, that in itself [is resistance]. Police, are committing a modern-day genocide, and the fact that I’m alive and I’m breathing is resistance.” -Sirena Flores Instagram, June 18,2020


Monarch butterflies are powerful migrants. The tradition in Mexico would be that the souls of the dead would return on the Day of the Dead to have dinner with their loved ones. The sky would fill with the Monarch butterflies returning, symbol of their souls. Track their migration here https://monarchwatch.org/