#56 - We Are Seeds

Created by Brooklyn Denae Doby & Ciara Nash on Short Stack Eatery storefront.
#55 - What They See#57 - Love, Peace, Equality and Justice

We Are Seeds

Artist: Brooklyn Denae Doby & Ciara Nash

LOCATION: Short Stack Eatery

Artists’ Statement:
“Me and Brooklyn’s goal was to promote healing. The quote to me assures that we are more than what we are painted as. One way I chose to start (I’m sure many of us do this) is to speak positively and remind myself of the things that I am capable of. I’m glad that we’re able to do that for our community. -Ciara Nash”

“The mural is a nature scene of seeds that have grown into strong standing flowers (people). The flowers are made of Ciara and I’s handprints to represent Black lives leaving their mark. In the center of the mural is a huge sun with a quotes that reads “they tried to bury us, they didn’t know that we were seeds.” I’m not sure who said it exactly. But it was such a powerful quote to us that we wanted to include it as a reminder that for centuries, the world has been trying to tear us down but we will continue to rise. The storm that we are in is only watering our roots.


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